ViiBus é um sistema de comunicação acessível e inteligente que proporciona autonomia às pessoas com deficiência visual na identificação e embarque do ônibus

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What is Internet of Things?

What is Internet of Things? The Internet of Things is the result of a work by MIT in 2009 and has the objective of connecting objects and devices to large network databases in order to promote a next step in the access to information, the man-machine and machine-machine communication. Initially…

Interview with the Visually Impaired People

After the idea concept of an Accessible and Intelligent Bus Stop for Visually Impaired People, there was the need to conduct an interview with the target user aiming to understand the real difficulties encountered in the public transportation systems and how the idea of a implemented project would help them. For…

Prototype demonstration at CIAPD – PUC-Campinas

After the first prototype mounting, Douglas Toledo chose again the CIAPD – Interdisciplinary Center of Attention to People with Disabilities at PUC-Campinas (Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas) to demonstrate for people with visual impairment. The purpose of the demonstration was to verify whether the previously identified problems could be reduced or even mitigated with the…


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